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 I am raw, I am real, I am natural, I am uninhibited,

I am me, I AM WiLD.


 Into The Wild is your  support team operating with recovery orientated practice. We use Yogic practice, principles & philosophy through out all our support services & yes Yoga can be built into your support shifts using your NDIS Funding for both Plan & Self managed participants.
Here at Wild Child & Co we stay focused on helping support you achieve your goals so you can live your wildest life - one day at a time.


We will be here to walk alongside you for the ebbs & flows of every…

One Wild Day - One Wild Week - One Wild Season - One Wild Year - One Wild life.


 We have a limited number of participants we support at any one time to ensure we can offer a recovery orientated practice with quality, person centered, goal focused, approach to support work.
We are here to support you achieve your goals
& live your life amongst the
wilderness of everyday life - your way.


We offer support services with a  twist - WE ARE ALL YOGA TEACHERS & we are here for the long haul, we understand that the wilderness of every day life comes with ebbs & flows & living your wildest life is easier on some days then others. Our support services are offered with a sense of community in mind, when you join us you will have:

  • Access to Sarah Truman our lead Yoga Therapist & Recovery Coach via whatsapp &/or email. Sarah will be your main point of contact for booking & organising your supports.


  • Your own Support Leader, this will be the person who you spend most of your support time with working towards your goals either at home or in the community. They will keep your support crew up to date with all relevant information so you don’t need to repeat your self again & again. Your Support Leader will be responsible for helping you track your goals & will ensure you have felt heard & listen to every step of the way. 


  • Your own Support Crew  - Your crew stay linked in via our care app to ensure that you remain empowered with choice every step of the way. If your Support Leader is not available for a shift you know that a familiar face from your Support Crew will be there ready to support (with your approval of course).  


Your Support Crew is all about supporting you live your life - your way. You might support you with specific projects or goals for example: To help you start a veggie garden, go horse riding, rock climbing, do a weekly meal prep, try ice skating, join a gym or art class. These might be things that your Support Leader isn’t the best person for & instead they can match you with someone on our team who will be. You will be involved in customising your Support Crew (Which might also include using supports outside of Wild Child & CO).


Together as a team we will walk beside you, & to be your support framework, so that you feel like are able to stay on track & overcome any challenges, hurdles, obstacles of life & move towards your long term goals & live your wildest life - your life - your way!


We love helping people achieve goals


Some of the goals we love seeing people achieve are ...


  • When you not only build your skills but feel confident & empowered to do more things yourself, to show & share your skills with the world & live your life with more independence & inner power.
  • When you increase your capacity to work &/or study now or in the future, when you step in to your life where you follow your passion & regain a sense of purpose & feel like you are giving back & contribution to the greater community.
  • When you participate in doing social & recreation activities now or in the future with us by your side & with out us!
  • When you create new relationships with friends &/or family, when you build stronger bonds, wth boundaries that allow you to thrive as your true Wild self. 

Support Options

We have 3 different support options for you depending on the frequency & consistency of supports you require. 

Day Support 

Day support is for people who like to ebb & flow & book  support as they go.

You don’t want to be locked in to a set schedule. 

No designated team or team leader but access to the whole team - depending on availability.

You can access Day Support through your core funding

Yoga Therapy is not available for Day Support Participants. 

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This service is available to people looking for a minimum of 20 hours of support every month for a minimum of 3 months up to the length of your plan.

* 3 hour introductory & establishment session with Sarah Truman - Mental Health Yoga Therapist & Recovery Coach we review your goals, do a full lifestyle assessment & explore a few Yogic tools you can implement straight away. 

You will also have a meet & greet with your Team Leader to establish your support requests & review your schedule of supports.

We will also organise to be in contact with any key stakeholder  in your recovery team including psychologist, mental health OT, Exercise  Physiologist etc

*Optional Bi - Weekly 2 hour sessions with Senior Yoga Therapist & Support Coach Sarah Truman (if all criteria s meet only certain line items can access this service)

*Designated Support Team Leader  - your main support person minimum who you will spend the majority of your support time with. 

*Personal Support Crew  - Your back up crew who are on call &/or who have specific skills that are pat of your team to help you achieve your goals. 

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Short Term Support

Short term support is similar to our seasonal support but is for people who want a regular support schedule but for less than 3 months and/or for less than 20 hours a month. 

*May include sessions with  Yoga Therapist & Support Coach Sarah Truman (if all criteria is meet)


*Designated Team Leader & Support Crew.

Make a Referral



Once you have received your request for service via our referral form we will review this to ensure we have current capacity to meet your needs.

We will organise a phone/zoom conversation to make sure we are aligned and if so we will  send you a service agreement for you to review sign.  


During your service agreement your support will remain overseen by Sarah A mental Health Yoga Therapist & Recovery Coach as well as your Team Leader. 

Sarah will ensure that your support leader & crew are delivering the support in the way you need & want & that you feel your are moving in the direction of your goals.



We build in regular checkins during your service agreement to ensure that both parties feel like we are on the same path.

We acknowledge that things shift & change for both you & our team meaning that a regular review also helps us support you stay on track to achieve your goals in a way that you always feel like you are win the drivers seat.

Your team leader will review your goals & summarise your progress. If everything is on track we will continue as we are, if not we will take time & care to make the necessary adjustments to your support plan.




  • Our Support Leaders are fully trained Yoga Teachers who are either trained or have lived experience in Mental Health &/or Trauma Sensitive practices. 
  • You can access Yoga Therapy with Sarah Truman a Mental Health Yoga Therapist.
  • We have a passion for Mental Health 
  • We believe in establishing stability so we ensure we provide the services required on the same day, same time each week during the service agreement time frame.
  • With our team based approach you don’t need to keep track of conversations or retell your story again & again.
  • Your crew are in regular contact via our care support platform, so they can show up for every shift ready to go into the wild with you! 
  • You are surrounded by people with similar values & beliefs. 


Our vision is to support you


*Gain a sense of confidence in the wilderness of everyday life

- we understand it can sometimes feel unsafe out there in the wilderness of everyday life BUT that it’s always your choice to decide on the risks you want to take!

What ever you feel you are ready to embark on, try out or get involved in

- we can be there by your side. 


 *Fully embrace your sense of self & unique identity, & strengthen your feeling resilience in the community so that you feel confident to return  again & again.


*Develop strong social connections & a sense of belonging.


*Foster a deep heart felt sense of hope. 

Our Support team can assist you with...

  • finding and keeping a job, or starting your own business.
  • studying including the enrollment process & creating a study timetable that works for you. Supporting you in your how you learn, understand and remember new things, & practice new skills.
  • spending and saving money.
  • joining & attending sporting groups or going for a swim or bush walk with you.
  • going to the movies, ten pin bowling or what ever takes your fancy.
  • volunteering. 
  • travel & traveling.
  • socializing & community participation. 
  • supporting you cope with feelings and emotions in social situations.
  • self - care & self management  -  general self care & life admin. Supporting you in how you organize your life. Diary planning, making decisions, & looking after yourself. Problem solving & day to day task management. 

Into The Wild Team  

We are currently building  our into the Wild Team stay tuned for more information....

Meat Ali…

Ali is a mum of 4 with lived experience of depression & anxiety. Ali combines her real life, lived experience with all her knowledge gained through completing both a Diploma in community service & a Certificate 3 in education support. Ali also has completed roles with the Department Of Education delivering various student & wellbeing programs.

Ali as a keen interest in supporting people with ADHD  & Auto Immune Disease including fibromyalgia. 

Ali loves all things nature & outdoors plus like to get creative at painting & poetry classes. 

Read more about Ali here 

Ali’s Story


What funding can I use?


WILD Core 1:1 Supports 

  • Assistance with Daily Self-Care
  • Assistance to Access Community
  • Support developing Independent Living Skills
  • Developmental Life Skills
  • Life-Stage Transition Assistance
  • Education / Vocational skills development
  • Budgeting and Financial skills
  • Personal Care

*Note not all line items access Yoga Therapy Sessions

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Increased Social & Community Participation & Improved Daily living Skills

  • Travel Training
  • Budgeting and Financial Skills Development
  • Daily Planning Assistance
  • Support attending Medical Appointments
  • Capacity Building Training
  • Shopping / Budgeting Support
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Budgeting and Financial skills


*Note not all line items access Yoga Therapy 

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