Life is to short not to be WiLD! 

During our Wild Child Yoga classes for Tweenies & Tweens & Teens we foster an environment where each person is encouraged to be their true awesome self & create a welcoming, safe environment where every one feels like they belong.  We use yoga as a tool  to teach principles like gratitude, contentment, non attachment, self -love, self-belief, & respect.

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The intention of these classes is to encourage children to learn to be their true awesome selves on & off the mat.


Wild Child & Co is all about helping people remember & connect to their true awesome selves & this includes the little beings in our lives as well.


Our sessions are designed to focus on both the physical, mental & emotional benefits of Yoga.


Term 3 Wednesday Starts July 13th

Tots Ages 2 - 5.      3pm 

Kindy - Year 6.       345pm 

Year 7 - 10.            430pm


Private online or in home sessions are also available upon request contact [email protected] to discuss your personal needs.

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All sessions begin with some with time to  GROUND. It’s important to take some time to create a moment of separation from the days events. This may mean an open forum conversation, a meditation, some journaling, or perhaps a little Yoga dance off! This may be done as a group or on an individual basis. 


We learn the magic of the BREATH & how I’ve can use it anywhere anytime to calm our nerves, reduce our stress anxiety and to generally help us calm our farm when things feel like they are little out of our control.  Breath Work or Pranayama is a great tool for kids to learn.

If however breath work increases your child’s anxiety other methods will be taught instead. Not all methods work for everyone.


RELEASE is all about the physical aspect of the practice we do a variety of Yin & Yang poses during these sessions. The focus varies depending on the group and what the desired goals & outcomes of the group are. Some terms it’s more Yang others more Yin - sometimes a even combination of both. We may also use myo-fascial release and or acupressure points during the term if appropriate. 


Before we finish we take time to RESET.

We may learn a Mudra, sit in meditation, journal, have sharing circle or embark in some other closing activity.

We also discuss how we can take something from our practice and implement it in our lives!



Finally it’s time to REST - this is a time in the day to just be. A few moments to lay do nothing to be still & silent. 

This can be challenging for some at first but soon becomes there favourite part of the practice as they learn to remember how good a little rest really feels !