Life WithYin is a self paced, self study introductory course that will support you to feel more confident & empowered in your body on the mat.

A experiential course that encourages you to step onto the mat with curiosity and a willingness to connect with your body more deeply.


You will learn:

The 7 key Yoga Poses found in a Yin Yoga class,


Explore options & variations to adapt to  your body

so that you can customise the practice to suit you.


The intention of this course is to support & empower you to make decisions that are right for you

and your body so that instead of worrying about how a pose looks

you can focus on how it feels - within!

Life With Yin



  • Over 20 short educational videos 
  • Tips & hints on how to explore the shapes made in a Yin Session so they suit your body.
  • BONUS invitation to a live 60 minute integration practice. New dates announced every month 
  • OPTIONAL to rejoin additional live practice 
  • 5% discount on LIVE WILD
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