A day of Respite to

 Rest, Reset, Recharge 


Caring for the Carers 

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"A moment of self compassion
can change your entire day

A string of such
​moments can change the
course of your life"

-Christopher Germer

Practice the art of

doing less.

 The art of resting

And just being.

Restore your body.

Experience the

para-sympathetic state of

rest & digest.


Bathe in soul

nourishing silence.

Allow the energy within

to flow freely. 

Rest Retreats are designed to support your physical, energetic & mental  bodies into a state of ease, to experience rest & relaxation.   


Caring for other people takes courage, strength & resilience.


Rest Retreats are about giving you a break & letting us take care of you for the day.  


Carers can often loose connection to themselves as so much time, dedication & attention is placed on others that you can loose connection to  the very essence of you. 


These day sessions are Trauma Informed & provide a safe space for you to practice releasing built up tension & stresses held in the body whilst supporting you in giving yourself permission to rest, reset & recharge. 


During these Rest Retreats you are invited to allow your self to feel supported, cared for and looked after as you learn to take time to nourish & restore yourself.


During the Rest Retreat you will experience a 2 hour Restorative Yoga session which will support you in returning to the very essence of you, as the body releases trapped tension & emotions out are free to find equilibrium and softens within as the energies inside the body are rebalanced. 


In a 2 hour Restorative Session we typically will do 4/5 different Yoga shapes using the support of a variety of props that your body can melt into.


This practice is not about stretching or strengthening the body physically, this is about letting the physical body feel held, safe & supported so it & the energetic and mental bodies can fully release, soften & rest.


As the body releases you will be guided into a mindful meditative space where you can immerse into a state of deep rest.

Allow a little extra time at the end to stay and sip some tea before you emerge into the world rested & recharged.


Let’s allow you go within & truely come home to YOU.


Rest Retreat also include

* Creative Sessions 

*Morning Tea, Lunch & Snacks

*Optional massage 

Time to just sit and be 

*A garden zen den with no talking perfect for moment of silence 

*Time to journal  

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Full Day Rest Retreats Run twice a year. keep topped up in between by joining our Rest community by joining in on the next Mini Rest Retreats held twice a Month. These sessions are limited to 4 people so book out quickly 


$250 Regular Price

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