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Nourish is a Trauma Informed Yoga Program, designed by Sarah Truman a Yoga Therapist & Coach. This program is different from the weekly classes you will find run in a Yoga Studio. 

Trauma Informed Yoga can be attended as a stand alone program or as a supplement to your personal treatment plan.

TIY is built on a foundation of creating a safe space so you can focus on the power of your body to inform decision-making.

TIF is offered in smaller groups of 6, the language in the program is invitational and no physical touch is involved unless specific consent for assistance is given by the participant. 

This program is deigned to strengthen individual body awareness whilst encouraging participants to deepen their own sense of agency.

Sarah Truman is passionate about supporting people on their journey to discovering and/or remembering their capacity and ability to act independently and to make their own free choices!

More and more research is evolving demonstrating how the body holds and stores emotions and trauma. It is therefore important that Yoga is practiced in a safe space. Sometimes during our practice forgotten emotions come to the surface and its critical that you are in a space space to allow those emotions to be expressed. To ensure participants feel at ease Sarah offers free mini meet & greet sessions for participants who would like to do so prior to the program commencing. 

The Physical aspect of this program includes the use of Mindful Movements, Slow Stretchy Meditative Yin Postures & Restorative Moments to facilitate deep physical relaxation and the opportunity for you to release built up stress & tension trapped in the body.  

Nourish also incorporates the use of Mudras, Mantra Meditation & Pranayama (yogic breath work).

Program begins Tuesday 13th July.

10 weeks $150  

Casual visits welcomed if numbers allow $15 

Limited to 6 people per session 


Practicing Presence

Practice Presence is a 10 week program designed to help support children live a authentic life.

Sessions include topics such as:
Kindness,Truthfulness, Rest, Spaciousness, Gratitude,

Contentment, Forgiveness, Self Awareness, Acceptance.

This program is designed to equip Kids with the tools they need to be able to learn how to self regulate, increase inner confidence, decrease anxiety and stress. The are trauma informed and provide a safe space for all children to feel like they have a place they belong as they embark on a journey of discovering, embracing and being confident in who they really are and then being able to show up and share this authentically with the world.

Limited to 6 kids per session
Full session $180

Mini Rest Retreats are designed to support your physical, energetic & mental bodies release into a state of ease, to experience rest & relaxation, to restore!

The intention is to allow you go within & truely come home to YOU.

In Restorative Yoga Asana (postures) the body is not forced into any shape, instead It’s about using props to meet you were you are at. It’s about remembering that you are perfect whole and complete just as you are.

This practice is not about stretching or strengthening the body physically, this is about letting the physical body feel held, safe & supported so it & the energetic and mental bodies can fully release, soften & rest.

We soften into these supportive poses for around 15 - 30 minutes during which you are encouraged to embrace the bodies natural desire to do less, to rest, to restore!

This special edition session will also be infused with cacao & crystals !

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These sessions vary each week and reflect a more mainstream Yin Yoga class but still follow Sarah individualised sed Trauma sensitive approach. 

ONLINE YIN YOGA - 60 minute session


ONLINE YIN YOGA - 60 minute session


ONLINE YIN YOGA - 60 minute session