Yoga Therapy 


Yoga Therapy is a private, unique experience designed to help you reach your desired outcomes & personal goals.

 Sessions are customised & delivered in A safe space using modern neuroscience coaching techniques combine with Yoga practices, principles & philosophy. 

 Yoga Therapy assists with supporting individuals in everyday social & community participation.

Sessions can help improve your everyday health & wellbeing as well as enhancing your relationship to yourself & others.

Yoga Therapy can help you improve your overall daily living,  the quality of life & help you make better life choices aligned with your personal outcomes & goals. 

Increased interception & awareness of the connection between mind, body, energy, spirit  is a fundamental aspect of a Yoga Therapy session. We work with not just the presenting symptoms but also address the root cause/origin of the disturbances you may be experiencing.

Yoga Therapy sessions can also be done as adjunctive session to clinical appointments or as a stand alone holistic approach to Therapy. 

Sessions available for children/adults/couples/families

NDIS Planed & self managed participants may be able to use funding for these sessions.

MHCP packs available to use alongside your MHCP 5 sessions to be used prior to your clinical appointment  $250

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Free Guided Relaxation 

Get access here a Meridian Nidra designed to support harmonise the flow of energy/chi/prana within.

The Yin Rooms


coming home to you


Rebalancing the flow of energy with in So you can be your best most authentic self 

Increase your emotional awareness


Empower your self with confidence to make choices 


Gain inner strength to have agency

over your own life 


Achieve  your goals with heartfelt passion and purpose 

What’s include 12 live Sessions 

Small Group Online ‘Yin’ Sessions  

3 sessions a week 

Monday 630am

Wednesday noon

 Thursday 730pm

The Yin Rooms also has a library of recordings that you can access 24/7.

*live class times are subject to change

2 hours of Restorative Yoga

$45.00 AUD

2 Hours of Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is the art of doing less. It’s about allowing the body to stop, to be suppported and to allow the gift of time to help is heal and gain clarity on where we really want to take action. 

In this Mini Rest Retreat we will take time to pause as we set your spring time Sankalpa. This is your vow, commitment,  promise to your best self. Setting a seasonal  Sankalpa  is a way of connecting to the seasons & the ebbs & flows of nature as well as the ebbs & flows of the world within us. 

BONUS: you will also receive a mini personalised essential oil roller bottle designed to support you through the season. 

This is a bonus for all Yin Room Members. If your not a member you can join for the month or  book in for just this session.


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Small Group Programs


Nourish is a Trauma Informed Group Yoga Program, designed by Sarah Truman a Yoga Therapist & Coach. This program is different from the weekly classes you will find in a Modern  Yoga Studio setting

Trauma Informed Yoga can be attended as a stand alone program or as a supplement to your personal therapeutic treatment plan. 

TIY is built on a foundation of offering safer space so you can focus on learning how to let your body to inform decision-making.

TIF is offered in smaller groups of 6 - 8, the language in the program is invitational & no physical touch is involved. 

This program is deigned to encouraging participants to deepen their own sense of agency.

Sarah Truman is passionate about supporting people on their journey to discovering and/or remembering their capacity & ability to act independently & to make their own free choices!


More & more research is evolving demonstrating how the body holds & stores emotions & trauma. Sometimes during our practice forgotten emotions come to the surface although this is not the intention of the program it is something participants should be aware of before enrolling. 

Sarah offers free mini meet & greet sessions for participants who would like to do so prior to the program commencing, as well as any consultations with other members of your care team that you feel it may be relevant to converse with prior to commencing.

The Physical aspect of this program invites participants to create different forms/shapes with the body & includes the option to make choices that are suitable for you or you can choose to follow along with Sarah or a combination of both. 


Next Program Starts Feb 2022

6 * 90 minutes group seessions



Limited to 6/8 people per session

Waiting list

[email protected]


Practicing Presence

tweens - teens

Practice Presence is a 10 week group program

designed to help support children live a authentic life.

This program is designed to equip Kids with the tools they need to be able to learn how to self regulate, increase inner confidence, decrease anxiety & stress. The are trauma informed & provide a safe space for all children to feel like they have a place they belong. Together they embark on a journey of discovering, embracing & being confident in who they really are & then work on being able to show up & share this authentically with the world.

Limited to 6 kids per session
Full session $180

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