6-8 people per program. 
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The world is a better place when we get to meet the real you as a perfectly imperfect whole being.


The more we focus on learning, understanding, accepting our true selves the more we can create & build healthy strong relationships with those around us & live the life that we desire.

I know first hand what it’s like to want to control what is happening in your life & to prioritise caring for those around you BUT as part of my healing journey I discovered the power in letting go of control, I chose to focus on me & I discovered the power in CHOICE & the FREEDOM in accepting my individuality.

The practice of Yoga helps create small slow shifts you might not even realise are happening and then you look back and see the changes that have taken place and the gifts & benefits of a regular practice all makes sense. 

The other gift of Yoga is the Sangha - The community - the people you practice with. In these programs you will join  like minded people that you can practice being you, within a loving supportive group.

Then together you can walk alongside one another into the world as our true authentic awesome selves!


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Registration For 2022 Programs Now Open

Programs for Children tots - teens

Tuesday 345 - 430pm 8 week  program for Tweenies & Tweens kindy - year 6

Tuesday 430pm - 530 pm - 10 week Yin based program

Thursday 930am Tots Yoga  - 6 week program followed by a coffee & chat 2 - 5 years

Programs for Adults*

*Available for 16 years and over 

Nourish - Trauma Informed 6 week series gentle flow and slow stretchy shapes Tuesday 6pm 

Flouirsh - Yin Yoga Practice Monday 6pm & Thursday 730am 

Restorative Yoga

2 Hours of deep rest. Limited to 4 people. the body is supported bolsters, cushions, pillows as the body drops into a deep somatic restorative experience. Allowing muscle to release and tension to melt away.

Next Session December 5th 2-4pm 2021

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