Yoga For Healing


a Therapeutic Yoga experience
designed to help you heal & connect back to your true self. 

 It's about helping you discover tools,
so that you
can feel empowered to heal yourself from within.

Sarah believes that we are all in this life together,
as perfectly, imperfect beings
​on a journey home to our true selves. 


The Wild You Project is a healing Yoga experience where you work with Sarah

one on one to achieve your healing goals. 

The word Therapy

comes from the Greek word therapeia meaning



The Wild You Project helps you establish a personal daily practice that suits you and your life and takes into consideration any injuries & trauma, that may present physically, mentally or emotionally. 


Therapeutic Yoga uses a whole being approach & takes into consideration the link between the physical, the energetic/emotional, the mental bodies to help you connect to your true self. 

Sarah offers Meridian Based Yoga Therapy in these highly individualised sessions designed to help support you on your journey to having a strong sense of self.

Yoga Therapy can assist with: 

  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • GREIF 
    • and much much more

"Yoga is the journey 
of the self, 
through the self, 
to the self."
The Bhagavad Gita 


A Therapeutic Yoga Session will use Yogic tools like Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras, Mantras to support the ‘busyness’ of everyday life and the ‘busyness’ within the mind.  



Therapeutic Yoga sessions are highly customised and designed for the individual.


My role is to be in this with you,
to help you find your voice,
to support you in making decisions
that's right for you!

The Wild You Project is not a set project

but rather a customised experience to help you connect to the real you,

so that you can powerfully show up in this world,

without feeling like there is anything holding you back

from being the real WILD you!


Yoga Therapy can be done as a solo practice or along side other Therapies such as Psychology, Art Therapy, Occupational  Therapy, Energy Healers & more


Sarah offers Yoga for Healing to both Adults & Children.


When working with children & caregivers Sarah offers a whole Family approach, so encourages session for both Children & Care Givers separately and together (where possible and appropriate - this is not suitable in all circumstances). 


Let’s Go Wild for A Little While


In our first session we look at your whole life physically, mentally & emotionally and together work on establishing your Sankalpa - Your goal, vow or commitment to yourself. 

not familiar with the term?

let's break it down.

San = Connection to your highest self (we call it your WILD self) 
Kalpa - the rule above all rules, the truth above all truths

When we put it together the word SanKalpa can be translated to mean

"a vow, a commitment you, your highest/wildest self"

*Children over 10 can request to do this session with out the parents/caregivers.


75 Minute Consultation 


Contact Sarah via 

[email protected] 

To discuss your needs and booking options.


Sessions are held at The Base 

3 Tudor Street 

Newcastle West 

Tuesday - Thursday 

(some Sundays)



The Emerging You

(For under 18 Only) 


These one on one sessions help introduce your child to Yoga for healing. 


Working one on one with your child in a safe, secure environment they will learn skills on how to calm their bodies and minds. Learn how to increase focus, self regulate and connect to their bodies. 


These sessions gives your child the opportunity to discuss individual concerns & goals and together we will work on developing a tool box to help support them on their unique journey. 


5 * 30 Session

Appointments Available 



​The Wild You


When you join THE WILD YOU PROJECT we work together on transforming your life from the inside out.

THE WILD YOU PROJECT uses the science & practice of Yoga as Therapy to help you navigate everyday life & to support you in remembering & reconnecting to the real you,

or as I like to say the WILD YOU!

Using self compassion practices to support you in a journey of ​self-investigation, self-transformation, & self-realisation.


Supporting you in your unique goals with your unique needs.


The Wild You Project is A highly tailored practice that requires commitment from the individual to incorporate theses practices into their lives. 


For individuals ready & willing to make a change and those open to experiencing the benefits of Yoga in their lives. 


Appointments Available

Starter pack $300 (new clients only)  

3 weekly sessions 


The Wild You Project 

6 sessions $795


NDIS Funding can be used for private and  case managed participants. 




A Note to Adults

When you join THE WILD YOU PROJECT & we work together on transforming your life and /or the life of your child from the inside out.

THE WILD YOU PROJECT uses the science & practice of Yoga as Therapy to help you navigate everyday life & to support you in remembering & reconnecting to the real you,

or as I like to say the WILD YOU!

Using self compassion practices to support you in a journey of ​self-investigation, self-transformation, & self-realisation.

Yoga Therapy Sessions for you can be done in conjunction with you children or as stand alone sessions.


THIS PROJECT WILL SUPPORT  you in achieving your healing goals but requires you to do the work and be committed. 


THE WILD YOU PROJECT is a individualised experience.

A 'one fits all' method will never apply to our sessions.

In Yoga Therapy we never assume that if something has worked for someone else that it will be guaranteed to work for you.

Which is why Yoga is also known as slow mind medicine and requires you to be committed to your home practice for your self and your child.

When you begin Yoga Therapy your making a commitment to your self, to give your self the time & space to  make the changes you so strongly desire

Results often take time & remembering this is a process of using self compassion to support you in a journey of self - investigation, self - transformation & self -realisation is key.


The reasons that Adults benefit from Yoga Therapy:

sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, addictions, PTSD,​ chronic fatigue, back pain, asthma, digestive issues, fertility, menstrual issues, ADHD, Aspergers, cancer, arthritis, pre/post surgery, mental health , pregnancy, child hood Trauma and much much more.


Contact Sarah  directly to discuss your questions and concerns [email protected]

A Note To Tweens & Teens

Privacy of Sessions
A note for tweens/teens (10 years+)

During our private session with tweens & teens (that's you) privacy and trust can be very important so what you say to me privately, stays that way, including your parents & guardians, unless we have your permission to tell them. 

This privacy, also called confidentiality, is very important to me because I want you to feel comfortable & have more trust in me and our sessions.   So, as a general rule, I will keep the information you share with me in our sessions confidential, unless I have your consent (permission) to share certain information.

However, there are some important exceptions to this rule.  

If you are involved in a court case & a formal request (a subpoena) is made which requires me to share your information then I may have to, even without your consent.  Also, if I believe that you are at serious risk of harming yourself or another person, or if someone else is harming you, then I must take steps to protect you.


This means that I may have to share what you have told me with other people, such as a parent or guardian, or the relevant authorities (eg. child protection), with or without your consent.

  If any of these situations do come up and I feel I must share your information, I will do my best to talk to you about who we need to share the information with, what I need to tell them, and why.
Except for in the situations mentioned above, I will not tell your parents/guardians
specific things you share with me in sessions, unless I have your permission. 

However, sometimes it is important for your parent/guardian to know what is going on in your life.  In those situations, I will encourage you to tell your parent/guardian and if you choose to
​I can help you find the best way to tell them. 

Also, depending on your age and family situation, if your parents/guardians ask to meet with me, I may describe problems in general terms, without sharing any specific information that you have told me,
in order to help them know how to be more helpful to you. 


I will do my best to talk to you about this first to make sure that you are comfortable with this.
Sometimes it may be helpful for me to talk with other people that may be able to help with your reason for coming to see me, such as your doctor, school counsellor, teacher, or other health professional.  If I think that this would be helpful I would first talk to you about what information would be shared and I would only share that information if I have your permission to do so.  If a doctor or other professional referred you to us, I would usually write a letter back to that person to give them feedback about the reasons you came to see me and how we are going with improving these things (a summary letter). 

If you have any other questions, requests or queries please fell free to call or email me direct. 

[email protected]