Life hasn’t always gone to plan,and yet deep down ease and flow is what I craved.


What I have learned about myself in the past 50 years is; I am someone who never gives up, not  until I get my needs met.  During tough times I suffered!


I suffered until I could suffer no more!


At this point I learnt that unless I took responsibility for myself, there was going to be no one else there to save me. So I had some learning to do! 


I made it my life's mission to learn and practice the art of resilience and transformation. The hard part about this is, there is no transformation without fire! Being in the fire is not simple, nice or comfortable. But having come through the fire many times, I now know that transformation can not happen without it. The only way to inner ease, peace and flow is through the fire. Therefore, it is my purpose to share my wisdom and experience for the betterment of individuals and our community. 


Hi I am Ali, I have four children, who to date have been my biggest teachers in life. 


Having suffered depression and anxiety for a long time in my life, when I started my family PostNatal Depression hit hard! After my second child I began a certificate IV in community services. This was inspired by my own suffering and the desire to learn more about people, community and support services available.  


After my third child and a move across the state. I embraced the opportunity to work in a central school as a teachers aide and completed a Certificate III in education support. At this point my eldest had been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and some specialists were talking Aspergers amongst other things. This was a challenging time but I put my energy into learning and working with students who experience challenging behaviors, this also benefited me as a parent.  It was during this time that my only outlet from the fast pace of life and challenges was a weekly yoga class which became my non negotiable


After having my fourth child and moving back to the South Coast,  I embarked on completing a Diploma in Community Services and secured a long term position working for the Department Of Education in various student and wellbeing roles. I did everything from facilitating and developing wellbeing programs for students, to organising and presenting to staff on development days. As well as,  Initiating and developing the student wellbeing hub in a secondary school of over 1200 students. A big part of all of these roles was referring students and their families to government and non-government agencies and communicating with various agencies to provide a holistic approach to the education and wellbeing of each individual. 


Due to a number of physical signs that I needed respite and required the ability to enhance my wellbeing toolkit, especially  skills and techniques for soothing and calming my nervous system, so I booked my first yoga teacher training. 


This began with a Level 1 in Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Bay Yoga Centre in 2014. Followed by a Foundation and Advanced Kids Yoga training with Zenergy Yoga in 2016.  In 2017 I completed the Advanced Yin Yoga Training with Yoga 4 You in Sydney and the final piece to the pie to date was the Ayurveda & Yoga Specialist Training with Brad Hay Yoga & Ayurveda in 2019. To this day I am a student first and teacher second of yoga, wellbeing and life. I will never stop learning and evolving.

Today I work part time as a secretary in rheumatology, therefore I have knowledge of joint and autoimmune diseases, along with central sensitivity syndromes, such as fibromyalgia. I have a strong desire to support people suffering with these types of illnesses.  I also work part time as a yoga teacher, running weekly classes and monthly immersions.  I have a passion for the outdoors and anything to do with nature. I also love to develop my creativity, by participating i things such as painting and pottery classes. I like to stay active and love to encourage and motivate others to do the same. Walking, swimming, the beach, the bush are all things I love to do and explore with others. 


I am much better at creating a life of  ease, peace and flow these days. My intent to serve others for the betterment of the individual and our community is more alive than ever. As my four beautiful children are now getting older and moving on, I believe it is time for me to share my wisdom and experiences through guiding and supporting others in creating a life of inner ease, peace and flow, not dependent on their external circumstances. 


 - Ali