Sarah Truman 

I am so glad you are here.

Welcome to my home!

Let me first tell you about myself....

I'm Sarah - Sarah Truman

(no e although I think it would have been fun to have True
in my name, because I'm all about being theTRUE You!) 

How I got here..

My story isn't about me creating the life I love from a place of unhappiness, or any life changing moment, but simply creating something new & different. It's a continuation of a life I have always loved.

Yes there has been some challenging times and big memorable events, but I have always been the sort of person who takes responsibility for my life!

Looking back &  joining some of the dots to how I got here, I guess you could say I have always lived life on my terms, never taking the 'easy' path, but always choosing the path that felt aligned to my heart.

When year 12 ended (over 30 odd years ago) I was going to study law, I wanted to be a QC or a barrister (yep I always aimed high being 'just' a solicitor wouldn't cut it) ,

But at the last minute something pulled my heart in a totally different direction & I decided to enrol in communications & social research instead. Most people (including my mother) thought I was insane after working my butt off to get the grades needed for Law, but I knew I needed to follow my heart. 

About 6 months into my degree my heart was being pulled in a different direction yet again & after a few months I followed my heart & jumped at the opportunity to work as a photographer ditching university, (again much to my mums disgust) , but I was happy, motivated & inspired & that is always what mattered most to me. 

At 20 I had the opportunity to go to Cairns for a few months to train a new photographer. I jump at 3 months paid in Cairns but through this journey I discovered a love for leadership, training & development - and coffee!

I had the most amazing mentors in my life who really shaped me in this direction (thanks Adrian & Liz)!

Right then & there at 20 years old I set my sights on being the Australian Training Manager
(yep there it was again setting my sights high). 

So many opportunities later, more travel, 3 years of managing my own studio, a junior role in the training department, 5 years in our UK division which included a Regional Managers role & opening up a bucket load of new studios - I landed my dream job at just over 30 It was time to come home & take up the role as  the Australian/New Zealand Training Manager for the worlds second largest portraiture company 
(& yes, you got it I still loved my life every step of the way!)

But then something happened I no longer had a game plan. I was 35 & had no idea what next.

I felt complete in my work, my life, but I was no longer striving for something & I felt lost!


So with no game plan - I quit in search of something new. The following day I walked into my local Yoga Studio, something I had always had a strong desire to do and life took on a new direction. 


It wasn’t until 3 years after this when I had been working for lululemon a Yoga Apparel brand and spent years surrounded by all sorts of different Yoga that I do did my first Yoga Teacher Training. 


What I know now is that I have always been good at listening to my true souls calling - although there have been many moments here I’d dint know that’s what I was doing and many many many times I didn’t listen.

So this is how I got here creating Wild Child & CO.

I am passionate about helping other people connect to their true self, to identify all the protective layers, stories & self limiting beliefs that we have created to stop our true selves from being seen. 

Once we connect to our true self we can learn to listen to our souls whispers, and from an open heart we can tap into our true full potential and step into the life we were born to lead! 

I hope we can connect in person or virtual sometime soon . 


With all my love 


sar xx