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Small Group Yoga Therapy Programs

Remembering The Individual As We Practice & Learn Together 


Yoga Therapy for Mental Health is a 6 week small group program that focuses on the Physical Body (Anaymaya) & Energetic Body (Pranamaya).

This program draws on:

Yoga Psychology,

Somatic body practices


Incorporates vagal toning exercises.


You are encouraged to cultivate a sense of curiosity & will be offered practices to take home each week to integrate into your life. 


 This Program will Include: 

Asana - physical postures mainly Yin Based with some gentle movement 

Pranyama - Breathing techniques 

Mudras/Mantras - tools to help centre the mind



Starts Monday 10th October 


6 * 60 minute  - in person small group sessions 

Weekly recording to broaden your understanding of Yoga Psychology 

Access to a Practice Library with recordings of the home practices to help you integrate your learnings  



A 6 week Yoga Therapy program designed to help trauma survivors in their recovery process.


These sessions are inspired by combining Yoga practices, principles & philosophy with current research in the area of trauma recovery by Bessel van der Kolk  (Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga -TCTSY),  David Emerson  (TCTSY), Judith Herman  (Trauma and Recovery), Pat Ogden (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy) , Peter Levine (Somatic Re-experiencing), Richard Miller(i-Rest Yoga Nidra) and Steven Porges (Polyvagal Theory).


NEXT SERIES STARTS: TBC pre register for first access. 

$210 for the series   - limited to 6 people 

*Available to NDIS participants. No fee required for carers to attend.  

Read more about Trauma Sensitive Yoga

A Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class is designed to empower you with choice & control over your healing journey.



Hi I’m Sarah Truman a Newcastle based Yoga Therapist & like many people I have my own Trauma Story.

I am passionate about supporting people live their lives, on their terms which is why thriving beyond trauma, not just surviving beyond trauma is something I believe we should all experience. 


Wild Child & CO TSY is a 6 week series that is designed to be included as part of your  overall therapeutic healing plan alongside any talk based therapies you may be engaged with.


The series’s is specifically designed to support those recovering from trauma, stress, PTSD, abuse, overwhelm & who are looking to participate in a small group program.


In this series participants begin to experience the art of understanding & engaging with the body as an integral part of their healing & recovery journey.


There is so much research now that demonstrates the importance of having the body as a key component of a trauma survivors healing & recovery plan, however not all Yoga Classes are Trauma Sensitive & can sometimes be extremely triggering.. 


“It's about becoming safe to feel what you feel. When you're traumatized you're afraid of what you're feeling, because your feeling is always terror, or fear or helplessness. I think these body-based techniques help you to feel what's happening in your body, and to breathe into it and not run away from it. So you learn to befriend your experience.”




In these classes participants will notice that the language I use is very invitational.


You will hear me encourage participants to be curious, to explore different options & to notice what is useful & useful. This may sometimes be challenging at first so you are also invite to follow along with what Sarah is doing. 


I will advocate for all participants to make choices that are beneficial, helpful & useful to themselves, regardless of what any one else is doing in the room - including me.


During the series participants  will be offered choices that are accessible to all. There are options for standing, sitting/laying on the floor or chair based.


Generally the sessions are at a slower pace & participants can choose the intensity that they practice at - or they can choose to be still & rest. 


Every one in the session stays on their own mat & in their own space including me.


There is no music, the space is very minimalistic, no scents are used & outside distractions are reduced as best as possible.  


There are no set shapes participants have to make with their body, everything is by choice.


If you need to leave the room or the practice you can do so.I ask that I can touch base with you after the session if this occurs to make sure that your safe & well.


These sessions are about you learning to be empowered, encouraging you to be curious & to make the choices that are best for you. 


If you have any questions about the suitability of this series if you would like you are invited to reach out & ask any questions.

 [email protected]






A Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist specialising in Family Mental Health.

Lover of  Yin, Restorative &  Slow Gentle Movement practices.

Has completed additional studies with The Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Institutes, Australian Trauma Sensitive Yoga Group as well completed programs in Applied PolyVagal & Yoga Therapy and is currently studying and being mentored by Dr Lauren Toper With Mental Health Yoga. . 

Why should I bring my body to Therapy?

These Sessions are based on research from Bessel van der kolk & Stephen Porgess. They draw on Dr Siegel s Window of Tolerance & Dr Pogress Polvagal Theory as well as Key Yogic Prinicples such as the Kosha Model where the focus is on integrating the whole body. 


“A Trauma Sensitive yoga class facilitates bi - directional feedback and improves the integration of both the pre-frontal cortex function (higher function) and vagal nerve regulation (lower function)” Gard 2014 


Through choice and effective action these sessions are designed to help support you deal with present life situations and day to day occurrences  by supporting you break habitual patterns created by the past trauma. These sessions invite you to practice interoception, that is noticing the sensations in your body that may or may not be there. 

You will also practice: 

Spatial Awareness 

Spatial Orientation 

Body Mapping 

Muscle Dynamics 

Trauma Senstive Pranayama (breath work) 

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Tools to use when feeling Hyper & Hypo aroused 

Mudras - hand gestures