The Wilderness Lodge

 I am raw, I am real, I am natural, I am uninhibited,

I am me, I AM WiLD.


3 unique experiences to help you remember, reconnect, restore
& to come home to the Wild You.


Next retreat: March 24th 2023

Come away with me. The ultimate chance to be cared for as you invest your time in resting, restoring & reconnecting to natural world & remembering the wild you. On this retreat everything is included, and you will be fully taken care of, so you can pause & reconnect to what really matters in your life. We offer 3 seasonal retreats in Autumn, Winter & Spring.

Find out More & Book - pay a $300 deposit to secure your spot


NEXT RETREAT : Sunday 26th February 

A day to come home to you!

This summer retreat is  designed to help you pause & reset. It’s an opportunity to give yourself time to really embody the teachings of  summer time - to REJOICE in the simple things in life, that really matter most!


Let’s Reset Together


60 minute online mini rest retreats held alongside the dark moon designed to support you in embracing the art of rest & tuning inwards. The focus is all on giving your self permission to stop & rest. To give your self permission to feel held & be supported. To let your nervous system restore it self through the gift & art of rest. 

Now Booking - January 22nd 4pm