Yin Yoga

 I am raw, I am real, I am natural, I am uninhibited,

I am me, I AM WiLD.


3 unique experiences to help you remember, reconnect, restore
& to come home to the Wild You.


Come away with me. The ultimate chance to be cared for as you invest your time in resting, restoring & reconnecting to natural world & remembering the wild you. On this retreat you will also create a vision board from the soul as you gain clarity on what really matters in your life.

Come Away With Me


All the goodness of a retreat spread over 6 weeks. These small group, weekly, 4 hour session, utilises Art Therapy to support you in reconnecting to the natural elements & your creativity. This program can be a great addition to your therapeutic healing journey & attendant alongside your better access care plan provided by your GP. The main theme for this program is inspired by one of my favourite poems the guest house.

Let’s Create Together


2 hour mini rest retreats designed to support you in embracing the art of rest. Each session is limited to 4 people the focus is all on giving your self permission to stop drop & rest. To give your self permission to feel held & supported. 

Let me rest