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There is no better time to be heard, to be seen - to be the real you!


As a Yoga Therapist, my role is to guide you on a journey of self discovery, self realisation, self acceptance & self appreciation as you journey home to your raw, real, natural, uninhibited self - Your WiLD self!


Now is the time to live the life your soul is craving for.

Wild Child Philosophy

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It’s time!


Time to live

YOUR life,

YOUR way,


YOUR Terms

Live Wild - a 10 week course to support you on your journey of living your best life. Gain Clarity on your souls calling, create a vision, cultivate the courage required to make shifts happen, learn to trust the process and discover what its like to LiVE WiLD 

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The Wild You Project - a 6 month transformational Yoga Therapy program to support you in achieving your goals. For people ready & willing to dive in deep, create big shifts, & make real life long lasting change.

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ReWilding Retreats -  a weekend away to remember reconnect & restore. A dedicated time in the colander to stop & pause. To reconnect to your self, to nature & a like minded community. 

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‘Living your best life is about accepting all parts of you, healing old wounds, finding forgiveness, embracing contentment & discovering courage.”

`sarah truman

Let me walk along side you

Together you will

learn, practice & implement

Tools, Rituals & Strategies that will help you be wholeheartedly your true self.


No more holding back, playing small, compering your self to others or letting obstacles get in your way.
Together we will set goals, put strategies in place & get you living your best life.


Connect to Your Body

This 6 week program offers a Trauma sensitive approach to Yoga. Over 6 weeks you will explore gentle movement, slow stretchy shapes & stillness. 

@Thebasehealth - Newcastle West

Next Program Begins: January 11th 5pm 

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Community & Connection

Yin & Gin are seasonal gatherings including a 90 minute Yin Class followed by A Gin, nibbles and time to connect to like minded Yin lovers. (Non alcoholic options available) 

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Restorative Yoga 

These 2 hour restorative session will help you master the art of rest & make it a powerful part of your self care routine.

Next session January 16th 4 - 6pm 


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Stop Drop & Yin whenever & wherever you want 

Online Self Guided Practices.

Seasonal practices to help you balance the flow of the energy within as we shift through the seasons. 

Each season aligned with the equinox & solstice you will gain access to new practices including: 

12 seasonally relevant Yin Practices 

2 Mantra meditations 

2 Mudra Meditations 

2 Gentle Moving practices 

2 Seasonally inspired playlists 

Bonus Recipes & Philosophy talks.  

New To YIn Yoga? - View Life With YIN - A self guided course for beginenrs

Nice to meet you!

 Hi, I’m Sarah a Mental Health Family Yoga Therapist & Coach.


I work with individuals & families who want to live a authentic & connected life.


My approach to life & Yoga is a highly individualised, therapeutic, accessible, trauma informed, person centred approach to healing.


I use tools from Somatic Healing & Applied Polyvagal Theory alongside Therapeutic Yogic Tools/ Philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic  Principles & Neuroscience Coaching Methods.


My Strengths are in seeing the big picture, I am very futuristic thinking, strategic, I love boundaries and creating deep connections.  I love salt water, mountain air, spontaneity, good food and my two big desires at the moment is a Van & a Puppy!


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Live Wild


10 week course

  • 10 * 45 minute seasonally selected recorded Yin Practices to do in your own time
  • Weekly 90 minute live connection sessions
  • 5 Mantra Meditations 
  • A Mudra of the week to support energetic shifts
  • Weekly Journal prompts to help get the creativity flowing
  • Additional Resources 
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The Wild You Project


6 month private journey

  • 90 minute deep dive clarity sessions
  • Bi weekly 1 on 1 sessions
  • Voice Messaging Access - up to 5 hours each fortnight 
  • A personal tool box 
  • Access to your private coaching portal 
  • Access to all the tools & resources within Live Wild
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Drop into a moment of calm 

FREE Guided Meridian Nidra to support you rebalance the flow of energy within 


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