Imagine a time in the day just for you.
A time for you to stop & just be.
A soul-nourishing pause from it all.
A dedicated moment in time for you to tune within. 
A time to press reset on your energy.
Together let’s sprinkle some loving kindness into your day - for you.
Let’s create space for you to care for yourself and be cared for.
Let’s gift you some time to rest, restore & recharge!



Your very own private Yoga Studio that you can access from anywhere, anytime.


5 live Yin Yoga Sessions every week.




Recordings & a Yin Library is available at your fingertips, so you never need to miss out again.




RECEIVE a 15 minute meet and greet call with Sarah. 



Receive a 15 minute Soul Session in your 2nd & 4th Month of Membership designed to help you set new intentions and gain clarity on your souls desires 





Yin Yoga is primarily a floor-based practise where you focus on

softening the connective 'Yin' tissues in your body.


During the practice, you therapeutically apply gentle stress to the body 

whilst the bodies energy system is harmonised.


Yin Yoga is a meditative practice

& often uses props from around the home like cushions & pillows for

added support & comfort, as you immerse yourself into each shape for around 3 - 8 minutes.


We stay focused on how your body feels not how the body looks which means there are zero comparisons.




Create a calm & balanced mind, with improved clarity & decision making.


Reduces stress & anxiety so you can live a happier more abundant life.


Balances the internal organs & improves the flow of energy within the body.


Increases your circulation, which is like giving a little hug to all your cells whilst helping the body release the toxins it doesn't need.


Releases fascia, hydrates the body & improves joint mobility so we can stay fit & active for longer.


Increases your flexibility assisting in preventing injuries, improving mobility & balance.

Yoga is a practice that focuses on all of you, including your physical, mental, emotional & energetic body. Which is why we incorporate more than just Yin Asana the poses into our practices. Plus we also have practices that solely include a combination of Breathwork, Mudras & Meditation.


Meditation is an internal discipline, it begins with withdrawing the senses & turning your attention inward.

You train the mind to have a one-pointed focus for a sustained amount of time.

Until time & space become irrelevant.

New to Meditation?

Check out the free  SOUND TO SILENCE program designed to help you learn to sit & be.



Pranayama is most Commonly defined as conscious breathwork.

Prana refers to the vital life force energy & Yama is interpreted to mean 'control'.​

Pranayama has also been defined as the cessation of the breath - essentially meaning a way to control or focus on the pause between the inhalation & exhalation. 

During your practice, we will use a variety of breath techniques to help practice concentration & to help move your Prana/Energy within.




Mudra translates to mean seal, mark or gesture.

They are generally hand & finger positions practised to help facilitate the flow of energy. 

Like two ends of a battery when its right something is sparked, ignited, lit.

Mudras are used to facilitate the flow of your energy -  the subtle aspects of your body, helping you on our journey of self-discovery from within.




Mantra is a Sanskrit word translated as Manas.

Mansa = mind

Tra = tool 

So literally is a tool for the mind.

Mantra is a sound or vibration that supports your inward journey. Different sounds have different vibration that can support you shift energy & to help with chatter & busyness of the mind.




Join Now $60/Month



Busy Mums & Dads trying to squeeze 'me time' in between nap times, school drop off & pick-ups or when the kids have finally gone to bed.


People looking to get back some time by cutting down on commuting time.


Individuals that have wanted to start Yoga for a while & simply find the idea of walking inside a studio far too daunting.


People who want to be able to connect to a real-life teacher, to ask questions, gain clarification or simply say hi!


People who want a little more depth from their practice & want to know how to incorporate the teachers into their everyday lives. 

JOIN NOW $60/Month


A little about me

I'm Sarah Truman I will be the person to greet you on the other end of the screen & the one to guide you through your practices. I am your personal Yoga Teacher & Coach, here to support you as you learn how to integrate the teaching of Yoga into your everyday life.


You can reach out to me directly in the community hub if you have any specific questions, queries or concerns. I am passionate about helping people just like you, to live the life they were born to lead. Saying farewell to self-limiting beliefs, fear, stress, worry, anxiety & all the other things that prevent us from fully living the life of our dreams. 


 I value genuine connection, so as part of your membership you will get access to a private community hub so you can reach out to me in between practices. 


I look forward to seeing you inside

The Yin Rooms.


Sarah x



If you're the sort of person who is curious about qualifications, I have completed 350 hours in foundational Yoga Training, 400 hours in Yin Specific Training & over 800 hours in studies in Yoga Therapy. Plus a chunk of hours in Kids Yoga & Yoga Therapy. Paired with 15 years of experience in corporate Training & Development. I have also studied coaching with the neuro leadership institute and love learning all about how the brain works. If you want to know any more about me just ask away! 





This series is your perfect companion if your new to Yin Yoga. This introduction to Yin Yoga video series taking you through the key poses in Yin & how to adapt them to your body.

(available Janury 2021) 





Just as the name suggest this style of Yoga is about deep rest, it's about restoring your body & allowing it time to really experience the body's para-sympathetic state  - to feel peace.  In this practice you use props to support the physical body to facilitate ease, health & relaxation.   As you bathe in the nourishing space you will allow the energy within your body to flow freely, creating a calm, safe place where your body can rest & restore.  It's like your body is sleeping & your mind is awake watching & observing this calm, peaceful state of being.

We hold these supportive poses for around 15 - 30 minutes during which you are encouraged to embrace the bodies natural desire to do less, to rest! 


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